from Greenville to Lompoc

“Sometimes the gauges register a little when the buck deer fight in the autumn, or when birds fly over in the spring. And nearly a whole dial became active when your ship first approached from deep space.”

welcome to MINUTEMAN {!} BEACH
l  a  p  l  a  y  a  e  s  t  a  c  e  r  r  a  d  a
where nowhere else (we guarantee)
will you ever again feel this free
and March thru September
the Snowy Plover roosts and
violators are buried nose first
their chickenshit wingtips clipped
a harvest of commissary kicks
collected at 0500—right on
the bright red dot—by a chain
gang of skyless glassboned children
for an eyeful of wooden nickel
and some college cred, I guess

then mud grooves silken
shutter rainbow falls
unflutter each hissing
purple palantir
crashing chill as a
flamingo festive
down to the parking lot
where the signal
is not so strong
and that molten
glacier Kool-Aid
mirages off
our tongues

MINUTEMAN! your belly aches
this panicking Fourth of July
for Chinese BBQ
but I promise
we won’t make you
go to rehab

beyond her willow
tree skates the piss
fern jungle buzzed
burnt clarinet canaries
croon deep down
in the gayborhood
and baritone as fuck
at midnight struck
all the hotel ceiling

MINUTEMAN! cracka cracka
crackabrew and toast your nuke
packed sands while Morbius gives
his forbidden tour to a baby faced
Leslie Nielsen

20 miles
and 20 miles
a spaghetti sea
lion blooms
despite your
best apologies
in starfished tide
pools knelt

and a school of heat
composes concrete
across Ebenezer Baptist
and Black Elk Peak
straight thru
The Living Room—

—comes now again
the secret thought
thundering at
the door:

water will
where you
will not
the vessel is
and there are
no survivors
that you
can recognize

o fire forked vein
o god in chains
sequoias murmurous
in Mariposa County

MINUTEMAN! you wish you were
a firefly roadside rave
in the Mexican feather grass
fresh kicks ripe on
shell / spar / glass
but yours my fair
weather friend
is a different kind of
light show.




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